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Liam Howlett (August 21, 1971)

Liam writes, produces and performs most of the material using a mass
collection of electronic equipment.
He began his music life when he played classical piano for 8 years when
he was young. He never knew how to read notes on the scales because he
played by ear. He used to spook his piano teacher using this skill.
He and the rest of the band like snowboarding, which he often does with
an empirion member he used to clean cars with.
In school he learned how to break dance.
He likes horror flicks and has a coffin as a liquor cabinet and a 6
foot long sword on the wall in his house.
He founded Earthbound Studios, which is his house, and writes music
alone late at night.

Keith Flint (March 27, 1971)

Keith started out as a prodigy dancer, mastering complex foot movements
and quick, strange body movements (like the thing he does with his hair
in firestarter video) called manic body movements.
He later adopted the devilish look associated with prodigy.
He now sings on some tracks, but though he can't sing very well, his
spitting, scratchy, rough voice goes well with the music.
He wrote the lyrics to Firestarter and Fuel my fire, which reflect his

Maxim Reality (Unknown, probably 1971)

The MC of the band. He performed the vocals on some recent Prodigy
tracks, but his real job is to boost the live shows with flowing energy.
With him, the live songs are almost totally different from the originals.
He went to Jack Hunt secondary school in Peterborough (North-Cambridgeshire)
Hes a really strange figure -
sometimes he wears a green skirt (because its comfortable)
and has gold braces over his teeth
Uses ALOT of body paint
and sometimes seems to become self-possesed.

Leeroy Thornhill (October 8, 1968)

Leeroy is the most underrated in the band, he is one of the best dancers
in the world and is one of the most important members in the live show.

Not so important members...

Gizz Butt: Live guitarist. Now hes in the band called Janus Stark.
Jim Davies: Studio guitarist. Now in the band Pitchshifter.
Lance Riddler: Studio guitarist who played on Jilted tracks.
Kieron Pepper: Drummer for the live shows
Simone Berryman: Vocalist on some of the Experience tracks.
Phil Bent: Flute-player on Voodoo People and 3 Kilos.
Sharky: The only female memer that has been in any of their live shows.
Ziggy: Their first manager.
Mike Champion: Their current manager.

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